Halloween Party and Parade

On October 31st we will hold our annual Halloween Party.  The children are permitted to bring in their costumes in a labeled bag.  Full-face masks and toy weapons will not be included during the festivities.  Mrs. Pless and Mrs. Forst will help all of the children change into their costumes after lunch.

Our room parents are hosting many haunting activities beginning at 1:00.  Around 2:00 the entire school will gather in the multipurpose room for a sing-along.  By 2:15, the parade should begin. Although we don’t have enough room for everyone in the Pre-K classroom, parents are welcome to attend the parade.

For best viewing and photo-ops, line up along any of the walkways in front of the school.  We will be coming out of the Campus Center, following the sidewalk along the front of the school to the Farm House walkway, and returning to our classroom via the back porch.  Mrs. Pless and I will take the children inside to gather their belongings and then release them to their families.

Family members and caregivers may  meet us at the back porch for pick-up.

Halloween Party and Parade Tomorrow!

Please bring costumes, without make-up, for our party and parade on Oct. 30.  The children will change clothes after lunch.  Our Room Parents have organized the activities for our party at 1:15.  The North Campus parade will begin around 2:00.  We will be walking along the sidewalk, in front of the schools.  While the rest of the classes make a circuit around the main building, the Pre-K will be stopping at our back porch and returning to our room.  This way we will be able to be ready for dismissal at 2:30 as usual.  Tomorrow is going to be such an exciting day.  We are really looking forward to it!