Valentine’s Day Party, Feb. 12!

Thursday, February 12th is our Pre-K Valentine’s Day party.  We will begin our celebration at 1:45.  Please note the following:

  •  All children are invited to stay for the full day
  • Party is at 1:45 – pick up normal routine (with ½ day kids included in the 2:30 pick-up)
  • Please do NOT specifically address Valentine’s to individual children.  Instead, please simply have your child write their own name on each card.
  • The children will be making boxes in class to hold their Valentines. No box or other container is needed from home.


The Party-o-Love

Here is a peek at our fun-filled Valentine’s Day party thrown by our amazing room parents.  The children enjoyed it immensely, though they did seem a bit tired the next day!

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Valentine’s Day Tomorrow!

Hello Parents
Tuesday February 14th is the Pre-K Valentine’s Day party at school at 1pm. Please note the following:

  •  All kids are invited to stay for the full day
  • Party is at 1pm – pick up normal routine (with ½ day kids included in the 2:30 pick-up)
  • Please do NOT specifically address valentine’s to kids (just sign the valentine but have blank envelopes to make passing out much easier)
  • The children have already made bags to hold their Valentines. No box or other container is needed from home.

Brandie, Mary, & Nicole

Halloween Party Notes

Just a quick note (from our fabulous room parents) regarding next week’s party:

  • Children wear regular clothes to school and pack costumes. Mrs. Forst/Pless will help them change into their costumes
  • No weapons are permitted as costume accessories, and please, no scary costumes
  • Kids will parade at 2pm – if you want to watch – stand outside along the sidewalk or driveway (Party at 1pm for kids)
  • Pick-up is same as usual – front area near library 2:30 (kids will duck in through the back door)

Don’t forget the Halloween party for parents Friday at 7pm.

Have a great week,
Nicole, Mary, and Brandie

Party of Love

Our Valentine’s Day party yesterday was a big hit! A special thanks goes out to our Room Parents for organizing and preparing this event.  The children were geared up to pass out their valentine cards as soon as they arrived in the morning.  We had a few finishing touches we needed to attend to first.

A couple of students still needed to make their valentines bags.

Some of the children were completing their family gifts.

A few were finishing their “Who Do You Love?” books.

Many were trying their hand at sewing for the very first time.

Then finally, at rest, the children were able to take turns placing valentines in all of their friends bags.  Each child read the names by themselves and found the correct bag to place the card in.

Rest time was followed by the much-anticipated PARTY!!!  The children ate yummy strawberries and cute turkey and cheese sandwiches shaped like hearts.  They also played with an amazing puzzle book made by the Room Parents.  Every child was given one of these books to bring home.  If you haven’t yet played with it yourself, make some time tonight to look at it with your child.

Halloween Celebration

Wow! What an exciting Friday! We have been gearing up for Halloween for the last two weeks, and the children are certainly excited. The day began with an exploration of masks in  our drawing center.  Many of the children choose to create their own spooky, silly, or simply amazing masks.  Later in the day, our party was a fabulous success. A huge thank you goes out to our room parents who organized silly activities and snacks for the party.  The children truly enjoyed decorating pictures of their friends.  Using dry erase markers on laminated photos was a huge hit!  After our party, we joined the rest of the school in the Multipurpose Room for a sing-along prior to our parade. Mrs. Hanczar taught us many, many spooky songs for the occasion. Finally we led the school in a parade around the main building.  What a busy day!  Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Party and Parade Tomorrow!

Please bring costumes, without make-up, for our party and parade on Oct. 30.  The children will change clothes after lunch.  Our Room Parents have organized the activities for our party at 1:15.  The North Campus parade will begin around 2:00.  We will be walking along the sidewalk, in front of the schools.  While the rest of the classes make a circuit around the main building, the Pre-K will be stopping at our back porch and returning to our room.  This way we will be able to be ready for dismissal at 2:30 as usual.  Tomorrow is going to be such an exciting day.  We are really looking forward to it!