Halloween Celebration

A very heartfelt “Thank You” goes out to our class room parents, Mrs. Holloway and Mrs. Knicklebein.  Together they planned a fun and creative class party.  A party in the pre-kindergarten classroom consists of three or four stations: an art project, a game, a story, and sometimes a snack if time allows for four groups.  We rotate all of the students through the stations at 8-10 minute intervals.


Though it might seem a bit rushed, it is much more calming for the children to have direct access to a grown up in a small group with specific goals in mind.  Whole group activities generally don’t go as well as one would hope on a day where routines have changed.

After our party, we joined the rest of the school in a sing-a-long and a parade.


Halloween Festivities

On Wednesday, October 31st WTN will be celebrating Halloween. Our class has scheduled a room party beginning at 1:15. The Room Parents have planned many spooky activities for our little masqueraders. Following the party, parents and family members are invited to attend the annual WTN Halloween Parade.

Our all school parade begins at 2:00. The students gather in the multipurpose room and then exit through the main front door of that building. We will walk along the winding sidewalk around the front of the main building and down the playground sidewalk. When the Pre-K reaches the PK porch, we will go inside, get our backpacks and be ready to go home. Parents are welcome to stand anywhere along the parade route to take pictures and watch the costume brigade. After the parade, parents can meet us outside by the porch.