Goldilocks: Good Guy or Villain?

Last week our villain exploration led us to analyzing slightly more ambiguous bad guys.  We began with the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Separating the characters in the story was easy enough, but when it was time to choose who the bad guy was, the class could not make a unanimous decision.  Most recognized that a girl coming into your home when you are not there, and then damaging your things, makes for a not very nice girl.  However, a couple of children held out to the bitter end that our blonde antagonist was the victim in the tale.

Many of the centers for the week focused on parts of Goldilocks.  Using their grey matter and retelling skills, the children worked as a team to recreate the story for a class book.  Each child illustrated and recalled a different portion of the story.  Once it has been compiled and bound, it will be available in our book box for the children to read.

Another group explored the concepts of big, medium, and little while building with magna-tiles.  They were instructed to design a home for each of the three bears according to their size.  Although we have had many experiences with these blocks, it was surprisingly difficult to construct three separate sizes.  Most of the children built only two sizes while a few built three homes of the same stature.