Math Stories

We’ve been playing with ten frames in our class as we explore the properties of numbers and one-to-one correspondence.  With today’s introduction, we were pretending that the pebbles were rocks in a fairy garden.  The “storyteller” would walk a partner through a fantastical tale that happened to include some mathematics language.

These two decided that their story should also DEFINE math.

2 thoughts on “Math Stories

  1. What a great hands-on way to introduce math. I love the storytelling piece, as that usually draws a big audience of children, and hopefully the children that might not be into math. And, language is the most important element in academic success. When I watched the video, I imagined the next step, possibly doing the same activity on the floor, with rocks and the children using scarves to be ‘in costume’. I’m going to use this in my classroom, indeed!

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