Halloween Party and Parade

On October 31st we will hold our annual Halloween Party.  The children are permitted to bring in their costumes in a labeled bag.  Full-face masks and toy weapons will not be included during the festivities.  Mrs. Pless and Mrs. Forst will help all of the children change into their costumes after lunch.

Our room parents are hosting many haunting activities beginning at 1:00.  Around 2:00 the entire school will gather in the multipurpose room for a sing-along.  By 2:15, the parade should begin. Although we don’t have enough room for everyone in the Pre-K classroom, parents are welcome to attend the parade.

For best viewing and photo-ops, line up along any of the walkways in front of the school.  We will be coming out of the Campus Center, following the sidewalk along the front of the school to the Farm House walkway, and returning to our classroom via the back porch.  Mrs. Pless and I will take the children inside to gather their belongings and then release them to their families.

Family members and caregivers may  meet us at the back porch for pick-up.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Party and Parade

  1. Marie, I’d like to share with you what my school does. After decades of struggling with the Halloween costume issue (scary, etc.), we now have a school wide Pajama Day. No costumes, just PJ’s. Teachers wear their PJ’s, too. Then, we combine that with a collection of breakfast items for our local food pantry. It is a HUGE success; children and parents don’t stress over costumes, every child loves Pajama Day, PJ’s and breakfast items go hand-in-hand, and we do something good for our community. In my classroom, we have ‘A Day in the Dark’. We use light tables, flashlights, Lite Brite, and set up color mixing with pipettes in clear containers on both foil and white paper. Hope this helps!

    1. That sounds like tons of fun! A PJ Day is always a welcome play date. I’ve been drooling over all of the light exploration I’ve been seeing lately. I really need to figure out how I can arrange a large cloth and light source in my little room. Are you putting the clear containers on the light table? Our light table is currently in the hall (lots and lots of blindness windows) since we share it with the kindergarten next door. Might have to “borrow” it for a bit of in class, in the dark play :).

      1. No, we don’t put the clear containers on the light table because of all the water. Wish we could! Save mini muffin containers, as they work well for color mixing. I alternate clear water and colored water which allows for much more discovery. If you add food coloring to every hole, then it all turns to muddy brown. But, you probably know that already! Flashlights work well for light. We put the Lite Brite on the floor so the children are up on their elbows (working on those muscles for writing readiness). We also let children add glitter to playdoh, using salt & pepper shakers, and we do this on a foil-lined table. And, we have glow sticks all over the place. We eat lunch by candle light and even read stories with flashlights. Fun day! If we do a science experiment, it is “Translucent or Opaque?”, predicting what objects are either one, and then using a flashlight to find the correct answer. Always a great experiment! Hope this helps.

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