Ants, Ants, Ants

Now that we have completed our movie, we can move onto our next topic of study.  You might remember that we set up an ant observation sanctuary last month.  Since establishing the protected zone, we’ve had many question regarding the life and cuisine of ants.  Thus our next exploration takes us into the realm of the entomologist.

This morning’s message posed the question, “What questions do you have about ants?”  It was interesting to see how many of the children persisted in offering ideas (read: facts) about ants rather than positing questions.  With a bit of redirection, we gathered great starting points for our research.

  • How do ants find food? – AJ
  • Why do some ants bite? – OA
  • Where do ants live? – TO
  • How do ants get into buildings? – SC
  • What is inside their holes? – OM
  • Do ants have a head? – SM
  • Do ants have eyes? – AR
  • Where do they live? – SB
  • What colors can they be? – AH
  • Where are their eyes? – JW
  • Are their legs sticky? – ES
  • What do they do in their ant holes? – Daniela
  • How do they grow? – Harrison
  • How do ants turn into ant queens? – JJ

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