“How do you do?” “You do by learning.” “How do you learn?” “You learn by doing.”

Our very own Mr. Cooper, famous even across the sea.

The Outdoor Learning Blog...by Natural Connections

This week’s post comes to us from “across the pond” and builds on the theme of  “Using the outdoors for scooperheadteaching across the curriculum”.  The article has kindly been provided by Stephen J Cooper RN who also has his own blog, (https://wtcoopers.wordpress.com/), which includes photos of his recent trip to the South West to experience the Natural Connections project and Forest Schools. Steve is the Outdoor Education Coordinator, Physical Education, & School Nurse at North Hills Campus at Winchester Thurston, Pennsylvania. 

Elementary students of the North Hills Campus at Winchester Thurston are studying the American Pioneers. The class of eight and nine year-olds learn about life in America during the 1800’s as part of their Social Studies Unit. In their Language Arts class, the children read from a selection of historical fiction novels with both boy and girl lead characters that details the settlers homesteading experiences on the frontier. One…

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