Loft Closed! Pink Bear Spotted!

102714_6262Although this reporter is  unsure of the reason behind the above signs, it is clear that the loft is closed.  Three children were diligently making signs this morning while they roped off the stairs.  Other closed areas included the windows and the doors.  When asked to explain the closure, no comment was given.

Eye-witnesses from the nature playground reported a “pink bear” chasing children and attempting to eat their coats.  Many of the children ran frantically through the grass and little woods avoiding the bear.  Though this reporter did not actually see a bear, a small piece of pink fluff found by the circuit may be a clue to its existence.

The reporters of channel PK are wondering if these two incidents are connected.  Could the pink bear be the cause of the loft closure? Does it have a secret lair in the upper loft? Are the children the perpetrators of a massive cover-up involving the bear’s hideout?

Please stay tuned.  We will report any information as soon as it is available.

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