What do you want to learn about outer space?

Now that our space study has been underway for a couple of days, we thought it prudent to find out which aspects most interested the children.  We were impressed by their curiousity and prior knowledge.

The Questions to Investigate

  • How do you get out of Earth? -Cl
  • Why does the Earth spin? – So
  • Why are there so many planets? – Re
  • Why are there aliens in the sky? – El
  • Can astronauts go on hot planets or cold planets? – Om
  • What is inside Jupiter? – Ja
  • How do rocket ships blast off? – Sa
  • Why does Jupiter have a red spot? – Ca
  • How hot is the sun? – Ka
  • Why is there gravity? – Ev

First, we plan to tackle the queries pertaining to Earth.  This morning, the children made their own hypotheses  for these questions.  Their answers will be posted on the Morning Message outside the classroom.  We’ll read some texts today and see if we can find any factual support for their ideas.

Symmetrical Aliens

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