What is in the ocean?

The children have been very curious lately about all things involving the ocean.  Many books about sea life have been both brought from home and checked out from our library.  Following this new direction, Mrs. Pless and I are excited about moving more deeply into this new topic.  We had heard many conversations around the subject, but we wanted to get a better idea of the previous knowledge shared by the class.  We asked each to write in their journals and finish the prompt, “An ocean has…”  The children displayed a wealth of background on oceans with only a few fun misconceptions. (Alligators don’t usually live in the ocean, right?)  The children wrote about sharks and octopuses, fish and crabs.  Even a few mermaids made an appearance.  It is going to be a thrilling exploration.

One thought on “What is in the ocean?

  1. I certainly know one little underwater explorer that will be over joyed about adding her two cents on this topic! We just watched the Disney’s Ocean documentary last night:) Such a fun subject for their little minds to run wild with.

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