Have we been invaded?

An alien creating a spaceship diagram.

Early morning play this week has included a lot of alien discussions, costumes, and interviews.  A couple of children initiated the play by throwing filmy fabric over their heads and declaring themselves visitors from Mars.  Our loft was opened for use yesterday afternoon and quickly became the preferred spaceship zone.  One of the aliens claimed that her ship was broken and drew a schematic to help us repair it.  We’ve since hung the drawing up in the flight deck so workers can plan their repairs. (Alien ships are so very different from planes on our world, you know!)

In another part of the room, some children were examining our discovery bottles.  These are tubes and bottles that contain a myriad of runny, gooey stuff that we can shake and experiment with without getting messy.  After a quick discussion, the students decided that it would be helpful to have a label on each describing what was inside.

When our aliens witnessed this new labeling ritual, they too wanted to make signs.  Many signs stating, “Do Not Enter Spaceship” were designed and hung immediately.  A few more diagrams regarding the operating and maintenance of the craft were added as well.

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