It’s Almost Here!

A new school year is just around the corner! Are you ready? I’m still working on the classroom, but I’ll be ready soon!

I’ve updated the Helpful Documents page to include this year’s Specials and Daily schedules.  Please know that although they are currently accurate, changes may occur once the year gets into full swing.  I’ve also added a link to the letter you received this past summer welcoming you to the Pre-K classroom.  It contains many helpful topics that may answer a few of your “getting ready for Pre-K” questions.

For our first few days of school, I expect that we’ll have a few tears and fears.  If this happens with your family, do not despair.  Some children take a little longer to get used to a new transition.  One idea to help, if you think this might happen to you, is to work with your child to prepare a set “good-bye routine”.  For instance, maybe you agree to a hug, a high-five, and a wave out the door.  Another transition helper has been to have your child “blow” you out of the classroom and off to your car. (Think wind.)  If your child is having difficulty still, don’t worry, there will be at least two sets of arms ready to hug and hold your precious one while you depart.  I’ll contact you via text or email soon after to let you know that your child has begun enjoying his or her day.

Another routine to practice at home is self-care in the restroom.  All of the children in Pre-K are old enough to dress themselves.  We expect them to need help with buttons, ties, and buckles.  We also expect all of the children to be able to take care of their own cleaning needs in the restroom.  Some children find it reassuring to have flush-able wipes handy for this purpose.  If your child prefers this method, please send in a labeled container of flush-able wipes that we will keep handy for him or her.  If this is not already a habit in your family, don’t rush out and buy them.  We have plenty of tissue paper as well.  Remember that Pre-K children are not to wear pull-ups or diapers to school.  Our classroom space does not include a sanitary changing station for this purpose.

The first few days of any new routine can be very taxing for whole family.  I strongly suggest that you try to keep your evenings during the first two weeks of school as relaxed and appointment-free as possible.  You might find that your child will be more cranky and tired than usual and a calm cool down with close family will help all of you.  Early bedtimes will give them the energy they need to fill their day with exploration and learning.  Do not fear, your child’s pleasant demeanor will return soon after they become accustomed to the new routine.

2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here!

  1. miss you already. :/ BUT!: Looking ahead to a wonderful Kindergarten year. Lily Beth wakes up and asks…”how many days left until school?” Thanks, in great part, to her experience with you 🙂

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