On Wednesday we had planned to begin construction on our box-o-saurus.  I spread the boxes out on the floor, had paper ready for drawing plans, and asked the children to imagine the type of dinosaur we could build using boxes.  Silly me!  They informed me that it was impossible to build a dinosaur from boxes because they were the wrong shape.  Ah, what to do?

“Well”, I said, “let’s see if we can build them out of blocks first, then.”  No one even batted an eye.  Off they went, gathering the materials they needed.  Each child constructed their own version of a dinosaur.  Some made the one they are studying for their research journals, others tried their hand at the ever popular sauropod.

A Sauropod
An Ankylosaurus

Eventually, the children realized that their dinosaurs could not be complete without some added details.  Faces were drawn, eyes were cut out, and signs were hung to make our models complete.  As one sign points out, the dinosaurs in our museum should be looked at and not touched for fear of breaking them.

Don't Don't Touch the Dinosaurs!

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