If Dinos Could Carry Heavy Loads

Sometimes when we get the wiggles, it’s important to invent a new wiggly game.  In this case, we tried “How many pillows can you carry?”  The whole process was quite silly.  Most of the children attempted 4 or 5 pillows stacked on their backs right away.  Understandably, they fell right off.  Then they decided that one might be a better bet.  The variety in form was great.  Some of our dinosaurs had flat backs, some tried balancing pillows on their tail-bone.

The most exciting part for me was watching the children work as a team to find the best way to carry the pillows.  They quickly realized that they could not bend down on all fours AND put a pillow on their own back.  They needed assistance (or would it be assistants?)  Sometimes the helpers held the pillows as the “dino” walked across the floor and sometimes they just helped with the piling and the cheering.

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