Parent Conferences and Other Notes

Don’t forget that Parent Conferences are scheduled for this upcoming Friday.  I can’t wait to share all of  the stories and tidbits about your fabulous children.  We’ve had so many wonderful experiences so far.  Please come prepared with any questions or concerns.  Twenty minutes can buzz by quickly, so we want to make sure that we touch upon all of your queries and exciting things to share.  I will work very hard at being prompt as I know that many of you have other conferences to attend, as well as other obligations.

This week I will be sending home all of the extra clothing.  Please go through your set and make sure that it is still weather and size appropriate.  It is amazing how quickly the children grow out of one size and into another.  Also, a few of the children have rain boots at school to wear on muddy days.  You are welcome to send in a pair (old is fine) so that their “everyday” shoes don’t get too muddy.  When the weather gets even colder, we will all change into winter boots each time we go out to play.  We will have a special place for gloves and hats that can stay at school as well.  As you gather these for the coming winter, you might wish to grab an extra set for school use.  Once we hit colder days, it is much easier to simply keep them here rather than worry about whether or not they’ve been packed for school.

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