Cut, Cut

Scissor introduction is always interesting.  At the beginning of Pre-K, it is common for many of the children to be very uncomfortable holding and using scissors. Often, they have not had much experience with the tool.   I always start by modeling exactly how I expect the children to hold and use the scissors in a safe manner.  We talk about keeping your thumb aimed toward the ceiling while you cut.  We practice carrying scissors by holding the blades in our fists as we walk.  After the students have demonstrated the procedures for scissor use,  they’re off to work!  After having a lovely time chopping colorful paper, the children glued their pieces onto a collage.  We had a variety of shapes to glue, from rectangles and circles, to itty-bitty pieces.

If you have the opportunity at home to practice using scissors, make sure your child has a safe pair of child scissors.  Children love to cut out pictures from old magazines, cut scrap paper into little pieces, and chop up old file folders.  When children are beginning to cut, they generally enjoy cutting straight lines on heavier paper, such as card stock.  As they gain more practice, curves become less daunting and they will spend more time cutting around things and inventing their own shapes.

One thought on “Cut, Cut

  1. Sophia came home the other day, asked for a pair of scissors, showed me the safe way to hold them and then happily began cutting away, making a “collage.” Thanks for encouraging safety and creativity in the classroom, Mrs. Forst. And thanks for creating and maintaining this blog. What a great idea! It looks great.

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