Week 2 of School!

This week, we will be focusing mostly on routines and procedures for daily life in PK.  It is amazing how smoothly day to day interactions flow when we take the time to explicitly teach the children about our common expectations.  Each center will be opened one at a time.  The materials will be introduced slowly so that every child knows exactly how they might be used safely.  The children will also have the opportunity to invent new uses for materials.

We will  be working on devising our own set of class rules.  Although I introduced the most important rule last week, Be Safe!,  together we will decide what it might look like in our classroom.  It is important for the children to understand that this rule applies to more than just our physical safety.

Of course we will also be doing what children do best, playing!  Throughout the year, you will be hearing about a huge variety of play.   Even the though children don’t realize it, they are using these activities to scaffold their learning, make connections, and further their understanding of ideas.  In our play we write, sing, dance, count, add, mulitply, divide, use patterns, make sense of social interactions, and solve a myriad of problems from the minute to the theoretically huge.

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