What do toys do at night?: A Movie Premiere

Attention ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We are very excited to announce that you are cordially invited to the Pre-K’s movie premiere of What do toys do at night?

You have been watching our script develop and now we are getting ready to put the final touches on our performance.  Our annual, student-written play will be converted into a short feature film, allowing the students to share the experience with family and friends. Once again our class has partnered with the Pittsburgh Filmmakers to help us shoot and edit the film. The students have been working tirelessly on making costumes, learning their lines, and making props and scenery.

The screening party for our movie will begin at 5:30 PM on May 29, 2014.  We will gather to dine with the actors as we rub elbows with this soon to be famous crew.  Dinner will be followed by the official screening in the multipurpose room at 6:15 PM. Please join us in celebrating the work of these amazing students!

Official invitations to follow.