How to Eat Like a T-Rex

This week we began researching dinosaurs, a very popular topic.  Our first activity of the week was to draw what we thought a dinosaur might look like.  Following this, we added many dinosaurs fiction and non-fiction books to our library.  Using this new resource, we are focusing on a different dinosaur each day.

Today, we were talking about the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  One of the first things we noticed was that it had extremely short arms.  Since we know that the tyrannosaurus eats meat, we were trying to discover how it might have caught it’s dinner.  As you can see from the pictures, we used a piece of crumpled paper to represent the “animal lunch” and sat on our knees with our itty-bitty hands in front of us.  After a few failed attempts, we realized that the T-Rex could not have used its hands to place food in its mouth.  Following much hilarity, we discovered the best way to eat like a T-Rex was to simply bend over and grab our food with our teeth.