How to Build a…

Our box building has been such a hit, Mrs. Pless and I thought the children might be ready for some more advanced building.  Time to break out the Toydle set! We cleared some space, modeled how to piece the pipes and cubes together and our little engineers began designing.  The adults needed to squish a few connections for proper sturdiness, but the design is all theirs.

This construction required experiments in balance, sharing, symmetry, motor planning, design choices, visualization, problem solving and team work. Go Pre-K Engineering Team!




This week, our students have started expressing an interest in horses. The inspiration came from one student who decided to dress up one of our toydle blocks with yarn. She started by adding some yarn for a mane, then some for reigns, and finally some yarn for a tail. As she galloped around the classroom, many little heads popped up and wanted in on the fun! Soon we had horses with rainbow-colored hair and spiral-shaped stripes on their bodies. It was pretty clear that this would be our new topic of study!

[wpvideo xWaqgPKK]