21st Century Classroom

The world of technology is ever-changing. Children as young as a few months old are now able to navigate their way through iPads, Kindles, and smart phones better than some of their adult counterparts. And while technology is a great tool to utilize in the classroom, sometimes a little bit of imagination can create a world of fun and possibilities.

Yesterday, our class decided to create their own versions of these technological advances using some cardboard, paper, and a few markers. Each child had a clear plan of what they wanted their device to look like, some including their protective cases. You  got to love their ingenuity.

The Skyperiment

20130220_7893We very carefully (quietly) placed the iPad in the Art center and waited to see what would happen…

First, the children thought it was a television show.  They looked and immediately got back to playing.  That says something about the power of peer play vs. TV, doesn’t it.

After about two minutes, one of the students in the City PK pressed their nose near the camera and began to wave emphatically at the backs of our students.  A small crowd hovered over the City campus iPad and began to holler hellos.  This got our students’ attention.

“Who is that?”

“What are they doing?”

“Where are they?”

All of these questions were directed to Mrs. Pless and me.  We redirected them right back to the children.  After much waving back and forth, one  child finally said, “Where are you?”  They answered, “Winchester Thurston!”  The expressions on our end were priceless.  They turned with amazement to us,  “They’re HERE!”

I’d love to hear what you think.

The article I’ve linked to here, Facing the Screen Dilemma: Young Children, Technology and Early Education, piques my interest.  This is a question I have struggled with as a parent and teacher for many years.  To be honest, I’ve been much more likely to cut out the screens in my classroom than in my home life.  For any of you parents out there who are curious (or feeling guilty like me), I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article.