Castle Mural Part I

As part of our fairy tale study, we began constructing a large mural that includes a castle.  The main background was painted light blue by the students to represent the sky.  Next, we used texture rubbing plates to create a large variety of bumpy blackish-brownish papers.  After our discussion of symmetry and our block printing experience, I cut the texture papers into block shapes and the children designed our castle.  Each child picked two each of two shapes and placed them symmetrically on the castle.  They created towers, walls, overhangs, and turrets.

This activity was followed a day later with a discussion about how our project looked thus far.  We looked at it critically and tried to decide if it was missing anything.  It seems that it still needed windows, a gate or drawbridge, trees, towers, a moat, and lots of creatures.  The children decided we had a long way to go before we could call this project “done”.

Our next step was completed by my Thursday afternoon crew.  They each painted grey two paper towel tubes cut to resemble towers.  The children used double-sided wall mounting strips to place them on the castle.

Finishing up our background, the students remembered that the castle needed a moat.  It sort of looked like it was floating in the air without one.  We used torn tissue paper and watered-down glue to add a layer of “water” to the bottom of our mural.

Our next endeavor will be to populate our castle.  Who do you think belongs in our mural?  What else are we missing?