Pre-K Play: Final Draft

The final draft of our play was based on the storybook Snowmen at Night, which the children had read earlier this year. However, in order to put our own spin on this tale, we decided to tell a story that would show what toys do at night while we sleep. The students created a story with a beginning, middle, and end while also creating a problem that needed to be solved.

Some children worked on writing the dialogue for their characters, while others help write the plot of the story. Some students decided that they felt more comfortable just acting in the play and not having lines. Each child was thoughtful about what they wanted their characters to look like and how they would act in each scene.

It was a long journey from our first script-writing session, but they crafted a wonderfully creative story and we could not be more excited to share it with everyone at our up-coming movie premiere!



What Do Toys Do at Night?


The Toys

A.H. – a fairy

A.R. – a ballerina

A.J. – a green robot

D.K. – Princess Aurora

E.S. – Sven

H.P. – Spiderman

J.W. – Ben Kenobi

J.J. – Iron Man

O.M. – a football player

O.A. – a bear

S.M. – a vampire squid

S.B. – a fairy mermaid

T.O. – a blue robot


The little girl

S.C. – Elsa


A little girl, named Elsa, is playing in her room. The toys are all silent and not moving. Elsa stretches. She says, “I’ll put these toys away in the morning.”
Elsa goes to sleep. Then the toys start to wake and decide to play hide seek.

The bear is counting while everyone else hides. Then Sven, Aurora, the fairy, the robot, and Spiderman go to hide in the toy box, but they get stuck inside.

The bear starts to look for his friends. He finds, the vampire squid, the football player, the dancer, fairy mermaid, Ben Kenobi and the blue robot.
The bear notices there are a lot of friends that are missing.
“There are not as many friends as I used to see.”
Some of the toys say, “Oh, no! I’m worried for my friends”
Ben Kenobi uses his binoculars to look around.
The bear says, “Wait a minute, I see foot prints. There are two kinds of foot prints. One leads up to the roof, and one leads to the wall.”
The dancer stands on her tippy-toes to look on the shelf and says, “All I see is a box”.

Elsa wakes up and the toys freeze. Elsa goes to get a drink of water and goes back to bed.

Meanwhile in the toy box, Sven tries to use his antlers to open the box but it does open. Aurora says, “I have an idea, let’s all work together to open the lid.”
Then all the toys work together to push the lid open but it doesn’t budge.
“It’s too heavy” says Iron Man.
Spiderman says “It’s locked”.
The fairy says, “It’s stuck”.
Iron Man tries to laser a circle to try to get out of the toy box. Spiderman tries to use his webs to open the box. The fairy tries to fly out, but the lid is too heavy.
The robot says “I’ll make a key”.
The robot tries to use the key from the inside but it doesn’t work. The lid doesn’t budge.
“Sven says the keys is too little.” says Spiderman

The fairy mermaid uses her wand to make a map of the bedroom. The toys looks all around the room and then mark off on the map, the places they have looked.

“The first set of footprint don’t lead anywhere, they just walk around in a circle.” says Ben.
“The second set of footprints that lead to the roof, disappear.” says the football player.
The football player puts on his secret spy helmet with x-ray vision that helps him to see into things. He looks around the room.
“I found them.”
All the toys say, “Where?” and the football player says
“They are up on the shelf in the toy box.”
The vampire squid says, “I see the key under the bed.”
He tries to go under the bed to get the key but he gets stuck in gum.
“Oh no, I got stuck in gum”.
So the toys send the ballerina, Ben, and the fairy mermaid on a rescue mission to save the vampire squid. They work together and pull on the vampire squid really hard and he breaks free from the gum.
Now that they have the key, Ben goes to the fire engine to borrow the ladder.
“Come one guys, let’s use the ladder to get up on the shelf.”

Once they all get up on the shelf, they use the key to open the box.
The box opens, “Thank you! Yay!” say the toys
All the toys cheer!
Just then, the toys realize that it’s almost morning and Elsa is waking up. The toys all jump down from the shelf and return to their regular positions on the floor.
Elsa wakes up and says, “Wow, what a dream!”



And the Oscar goes to…


Our movie premiere went off without a hitch! Our fabulous movie stars walked the red carpet, stopping only for a picture or two from the paparazzi and to wave at their adoring fans!

Without further ado, I give you our final script for our Pre-K movie “Birds”.

J– A spider

K and Ev – a mouse

A – Edward the train

O – a giant

Cl, Ra, and So – the mean birds

Re and Sa – A talking dog

El – a talking sandwich

Ca – Tiana


Once upon a time there were three mean birds (Cl, So, Ra) playing on a bridge. When along came some mice (Ev and K).


“We want to cross the bridge.”

“No one is allowed on our bridge, it’s only for us!” said the mean Birds.

“There are some bigger animals coming, wait to eat them. They are much juicer!”  Said the mice. (K and Ev)

And they let them across the bridge.


When along came some dogs (Re and Sa) and they wanted to cross the bridge.


“We want to go across the bridge.” said the dogs.

“No one is allowed on our bridge, it’s only for us!” said the birds.

“There is a much juicer spider coming. You should eat him!” Said the dog

“What the banana peels is going on??” said the birds

And they let the dogs cross the bridge.


Then along came a spider (J).


And he said , “I want to go across the bridge.”

“No one is allowed on our bridge, it’s only for us!”

And the spider said, “Eat the sandwich that is coming. He’s much tastier!”

And they let the spider cross the bridge.


And then along came a talking sandwich (El), “I want to go across this bridge.”

“No one is allowed on our bridge, it’s only for us!” said the Birds.

“Tiana is coming and she is much juicer. You should eat her.”

And they let him go across the bridge.


Then along came Tiana (Ca) and she said, “I want to go across the bridge.”

“No one is allowed on our bridge, it’s only for us!” said the Birds.

“You should eat the train that’s coming. He is much juicer.”

And they let Tiana cross the bridge.


Just then, along came Edward the train (A).

He said, “I want to cross this bridge.”

“No one is allowed on our bridge, it’s only for us!” said the mean Birds.

“Beep, Beep” said Edward the train and they let him go across.


And then came a giant (O) and he said, “FE FI FO FUM. I want to cross this bridge!”

“No one is allowed on our bridge, it’s only for us!” said the mean Birds.

“Fine, then I’ll huff and puff and do my roar!! ROAR!!”

And the mean Birds fell off the bridge and then flew home.

And the giant cheered on the other side.


The End!