Telling Stories

In the Pre-K world, Miss Davis and I observe many ideas flit through the classroom.  Some last only a few moments while others take root and grow.  In the past month, we have noticed many performances popping up.  We’ve seen puppet shows, dance shows, circuses, and acrobat shows.  Intrigued by this groups’ drive to tell stories and perform, we decided to take a closer investigate how stories are made.

Using a mix of child-made character and setting story cards, the children worked with Miss Davis to create new stories.

Unicorn, Goat, and Gnome in the Woods

Characters: Unicorn, Goat, and Gnome
Setting: The woods

Unicorn is walking and gnome saw it.  Gnome ran away.  Goat sees the gnome and is afraid of the gnome.  Goat tells Unicorn and Gnome to come back and try a hug.  They are still scared.  Pig comes and helps solve the problem by telling the friends to spread out.  They spread out and they are not scared anymore. THE END

Unicorn, Princess, and Little Red Riding Hood in a Field on a Sunny Day

Characters: Unicorn, Princess, and Little Red Riding Hood
Setting: A field on a sunny day

Little Red is walking along and finds Unicorn.  The Unicorn runs away because it’s scared and then finds the Princess.  The Unicorn hugs the princess and falls asleep. The Princess goes over to play with Little Red Riding Hood.  The Unicorn wakes up and is very hungry. Little Red Riding Hood and the Princess don’t know what to feed the Unicorn.  Little Red and Princess decided to dig in the dirt and while they’re digging, they find unicorn food! They know it’s unicorn food because it’s shaped like unicorns.  They go give the food to the Unicorn, and then they all play together. 
The End.

We Can All Be Friends

Characters: Lion, Knight, Alien, and Fairy
Setting: The Beach (and Outer Space!)

The Lion, Knight, and Fairy are all laying on the beach when the Alien floats down to Earth.  The Alien chases the others down the beach. The Alien hides behind a coconut tree. The Alien flies back up to space and gets everyone else astronaut clothes so they can all have a picnic in space.  The Alien and the Fairy help everyone fly up to space, where they have a picnic together. 
The End.

Mushroom’s Garden

The following is a ten-frame magic garden story created by one of our five-year-olds. See if you can spot the knowledge he’s sharing.

2015-10-01 (92)

Once upon a time there was a mushroom.  The mushroom planted the seed in the first row.  That night, a bird came down and dug it up.

The next morning, the mushroom didn’t know where it went.   So, he planted it deeper in the second row.  He went home.  Again, the bird came and used his wing and dug it up.

The next morning the mushroom came and saw his seed was gone again! He dug down really deep and planted a new seed in the third spot.  He was tired so he went home.  When the bird came, he saw that the seed was buried very deep. He dug and dug and dug until he got the seed.

In the morning, the mushroom was mad.  He planted another seed in the fifth spot.  The bird came again and stole that one.

Mushroom was getting very frustrated.  Every day he planted a new seed and everyday bird would dig, dig, dig it up.  On the last day, mushroom planted the seed in the tenth spot.  He hid behind a tree.  When the bird came, mushroom jumped out at him and yelled, “AAAAHHHHHhhhhhhhh!”  Bird flew away and never bothered the mushroom again.  The sun came out, the rain came down, the flower grew into a beautiful dragon.  The End.