New Snack Schedule

It’s time to expand our palette horizons.  Next week we will be switching to a new snack schedule:

Monday – Chex Mix
Tuesday – Clementines
Wednesday – Raisins
Thursday – Pretzel Twists
Friday – Cheez its

This Moment

There is nothing better than enjoying snack outside on a beautiful fall morning!

More Random Acts of Math

This group loves to count. They count rocks on the play ground, the largest arm-load of walnuts and the number of days left until Halloween.  Without any prompting from us, snack-time has become the most common opportunity to practice one-to-one correspondence.  The counting strategies range from lining items up, counting-as-you-eat, removing one item from a bag at a time and pile counting.  Pile counting doesn’t usually end up the true total number of items, but making this mistake is part of the learning process.


They may hear if I tell them, they will know if they discover it.