Let’s paint the ceiling!

Today in Art class, the students learned about the artist Michelangelo and his work. They read a story about his life and how he sculpted a number of very famous pieces that people travel all around the world to see. They also learned about when he painted the Sistine Chapel and how he had to paint laying down on scaffolding as he covered the entire ceiling with beautiful scenes from the heavens. It was great deal of hard work but the result was a masterpiece.

The pre-k got a chance to create some of their own masterpieces just like Michelangelo did so many years ago.

Just like Mike

Today, in art class, the students learned about Michelangelo and his famous painting in the Sistine Chapel. We discussed the different items that he included in his painting and while his finished product was beautiful, it was a great deal of work. The students, on the other hand, felt that it would be tremendous fun to paint on a ceiling! So Mrs. Allan prepared the bottoms of all the tables and gave them the opportunity to “give it a whirl”.

Some of the students spent the entire class under the table working on their projects, while others decided quickly that drawing upside down was not for them. We had some concerns of aching necks and tired arms but ultimately beautiful artwork.

By the end of the class, the students had a pretty good idea how Michelangelo felt painting on that ceiling oh so many years ago.