Let it Snow!

Who knew we would have so much snow on Wednesday?  Most of us were caught a bit off-guard and didn’t send their children to school in snow boots (myself included).  However, the lack of proper gear did not in any way distract the children from their true goal: Snow = Snowman.

Upon arrival on Wednesday, our window seat was a hot place to be. (Irony intended, of course.)  Using our binoculars, the children kept track of the quickly blowing and building snow as if it were a gift from the sky.  They gave frequent updates on the thickness and “swirliness” of  the growing layer of white.  Each child was practically holding their breath until we could get out and into the snow.

Rolling the Snow

We chose to play in front of the farm-house since it was much too muddy still on our back field.  This area was also free of foot prints, fairly flat, and thus prime snowball rolling property.  After much experimenting with pressing the snow together to make a snowman, I took a little “teacher initiative” and showed them how to squeeze the snow into a ball and then roll it in the snow.  Ball rolling turned out to be more fun than planning the snowman.  We ended up with 8 separate balls of varying sizes.  Some didn’t quite make it back to the snowman, being dropped somewhere along the way.  Yet, we did finally end up with a handsome specimen with two wood chip eyes, four arms, and  an extra head.

Final Touches

It is now obvious that we have entered fully into the winter months.  Please make sure your child has a pair of boots that they may wear in the snow every day.  Boots and/or a change of shoes for inside may stay in the classroom over night to make things easier for you in the morning.  We also have a place for mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves that can stay at school.  All of the children should have a pair of snow-bibs or a snow-suit to leave at school for outdoor play.  We will continue to play outside every day unless it is frigidly cold or pouring down rain.

Measuring Up!

We had a shoe extravaganza this afternoon!  We each took off one shoe and tossed it into a giant shoe pile.  The children then helped me figure out what kinds of shoes we had.  We made a list of the different types on a large sheet of paper and sorted them into the appropriate groups.  Then, we realized that there were other ways to sort them as well.  We sorted by color, by size, and by the presence of tongues.

Our next task was to use the shoes to measure our friends.  Each took a turn lying on the carpet while a friend lined shoes up beside them to see “how many tall” we were.  Almost all of us were either 5 or 6 shoes long.  We recorded our investigation by drawing a picture of the person we measured along with the appropriate number of shoes.