Let’s paint the ceiling!

Today in Art class, the students learned about the artist Michelangelo and his work. They read a story about his life and how he sculpted a number of very famous pieces that people travel all around the world to see. They also learned about when he painted the Sistine Chapel and how he had to paint laying down on scaffolding as he covered the entire ceiling with beautiful scenes from the heavens. It was great deal of hard work but the result was a masterpiece.

The pre-k got a chance to create some of their own masterpieces just like Michelangelo did so many years ago.

Corny Art

With our haul of freshly shucked corn, we headed indoors to see what uses we might find.  Although I cannot say which (I’m sworn to secrecy), one of the children already tasted the cobs and found them wanting.  Edibility out of the question, what DO you do with a large batch of corn ears?
How about [butter] knife handling skills?  Everyone needs more practice cutting up their own food.  We wondered what strategies the children would use when given this common tool.  We witnessed sawing, attempts at slicing and valiant efforts to hack the corn to pieces.


Of course, there’s  painting. I mean, it IS pre-kindergarten.  Add a bit of science experimentation, two colors of paint and some ears of corn and you get instant fun with secret learning.  We saw patterns, comparisons and new language to describe the wet corn and the paint.  A few of the children quickly dispensed with the corn and dove right in and began drawing and mixing with their fingers.P1060625
Finally, we had a few students who chose not to use the paint at all. Rather, they went for a more sculptural approach.  Available husk pieces were tied around corn, used for “bedding” and added as shims to hold more vertical structures.