The Pre-K Movie Script (2019)

Below is a copy of the script written over four months by our Pre-Kindergarten class. This project began in small groups with each making a shared story. Once all of the stories had been written, we read them as a class to find any common themes. Coincidentally, all of the stories spoke of the characters trying to find a home. This became the central problem in our story. Through discussion, we decided how this problem might be solved. Each group then went back and edited their stories to support both the problem and the solution. Eventually, all of the short stories were edited together near the beginning of March. Final touches were added as we took note of how many lines each child had written for themselves and how many scenes they appeared in. Each child decided when and if they wanted to speak during a scene.

Scene 1: Old House, interior


Narrator: Shark, Donut, and R. Princess are sitting in their old house.  

R. Princess: I don’t really like any of the activities in our house.”

Donut: I don’t like the fish at our house because it’s rotten!”

R Princess: I don’t wanna watch the movies at our house.”

Shark: We should look for a new house!”  

R Princess and Donut:“That’s fine with me!”

Narrator: Together, they decided to go far away to the woods to look for a new house.

Scene 2: Train Station, exterior

Narrator: Meanwhile, Falcon and Mouse are at a train station.   They want to go to the store.

Train Engine pulls up.

Falcon: Train, will you please take us to the store?

Mouse: I want some cheese.

Train: Absolutely, I’ll take you there!.

Narrator:  They are looking for a house and decided to go to the store to buy new things for the new house that they will find.  They get the store and the Train Engine goes away.  

Scene 3: Store, interior

Narrator:  While at the store, they see their friend Bunny, who is shopping for bunny food.

Bunny: I’m looking for bunny food.

Falcon; Do you want to come with us to get some supplies for our house?

Mouse: I want cheese.

Bunny: I’ll come with you! I need a house, too!

Narrator: Falcon and Mouse invite Bunny to go with them to find a new house.  They pay for their things and leave. They get on the train, who takes them to the forest to look for a house.  

Scene 4:  Pool in a Magic Garden

Narrator:  Meanwhile, Volcano and Pony are cooling down in a pool in a magic garden, drinking yummy drinks.  

Pony: Oh I love this pool!

Volcano: It’s so warm! I just want to stay here forever.

Pony: It’s so nice!

Narrator:  Suddenly, an Alien crash-lands in the water with them!

Alien splashes into the pool.

Alien: AHhhhh!  Cannonball!

Volcano: Are you ok?

Pony: Do you want something to drink?

Alien: Yes please!  I’m ok. Have you seen a space home?

Volcano and Pony: We haven’t seen one.  

Alien: I have an idea!  Let’s build a city.

Pony: I want a rainbow city

Volcano: We can build a rainbow city

Alien: I want a space city!

Volcano: We can build an alien home!

Alien: How about half the city is rainbow and half is space.

Volcano and Pony: Yes!

Alien and Volcano and Pony: Let’s get building!

Scene 5: The Forest

Alien, Volcano, and Pony walking around, searching the forest.  Pantomime picking up items.

Narrator:  Together, they begin looking around in the forest of supplies to build their new homes with.  They find lots of metal and pink cheese and bricks and start building a space station for the alien, a castle for the Pony and Volcano, and a whole giant town!  They are very hard workers.

Scene 6: The Forest

Narrator:  Meanwhile, Snowflake Princess, Tiger, and Baby Shark are walking in the forest, all looking for a home.

Snowflake Princess: “Let’s find a pink house with sparkle cheese!”

Tiger: Yeah!

Snowflake Princess gets distracted and chases a squirrel, getting lost.  

Scene 7: Squirrel Chasing (Forest)

Snowflake is running around in the woods.

Scene 8: The Forest

Shark Robot Alien meets up with Baby Shark and Tiger.

Shark Robot Alien: Where’s Snowflake Princess?

Baby Shark: She got distracted chasing a squirrel.  We don’t know where she is.

Shark Robot Alien: Let’s leave a trail of acorns to lure the squirrel here!  

Narrator:  While Shark Robot Alien, Tiger, and Baby Shark are searching for the Snowflake Princess, they see Shark, Donut, and R. Princess who are looking for a new, fancy house.  

Shark: Hey! We’re looking for a new house.

Tiger: We have to go find a different house, too.

Baby Shark: Let’s go together!

Scene 9: The Forest

Cut scene to Snowflake Princess alone in different part of the woods?

Narrator: While Snowflake Princess is chasing a squirrel, she realizes she is lost and is very sad.

Snowflake Princess: I’m scared!

Narrator: Suddenly, the Train with the Bunny, Mouse, and Falcon on it pulls up.  

Bunny: “Do you need a ride?”

Snowflake Princess: I’ve never been on a train before!  I’m too scared to go anywhere.

Falcon: Bunny will sit next to you on the train!

Train: There’s nothing scary!  I’ll take you to your home.

Scene 10: Magical Town

Narrator: Shark, Donut, and R. Princess stumble upon a magical garden.  They see the beautiful town that Pony, Volcano, and Alien had just built!  Everyone finds an awesome house that is perfect for them.

Characters walk into set and look around amazed.

R. Princess “Wow!  That house is amazing.”

Donut “That shiny pink house is incredible!”

Shark “And a golden roof!”

Donut “We should live here!”

Shark “That’s a good idea.”

R. Princess “Do you think we should add a grill and table so we can cook and eat outside?”

Shark and Donut “Yeah!”

They talk more about how they’re going to decorate their new house.

Scene 11: View of Magical Town

No one else is in shot.

Narrator: The Train pulls up to the brand new town.  There are amazing homes for everyone!  

Mouse, Bunny, Falcon, and Snowflake Princess get off the Train and look around.  

Mouse: I want cheese!

Falcon: We should find a falcon house!

Bunny: I see a house I love it!

Falcon: My house has cheese too!

Mouse: We can be next door neighbors!

Train: Bye-Bye!  I’m going back to my house!  I’m turning into a subway and going underground!

And the train leaves.

Other characters wave goodbye and look around for a cool house.  

Scene 12: View of Magical Town

Baby Shark and Tiger are standing with the town in the background.  Snowflake Princess enters the scene.

Narrator: Snowflake Princess finds Tiger and Baby Shark.  They are so happy they found her!

Baby Shark and Tiger:  We found you!

Narrator:  Everyone is finding a house that is perfect for them

Scene 13: Montage Scenes of Individual Houses

(Orange Peel House) Shark Robot Alien: I see a paper house made out of orange peels!

(Pink Cheese House)Snowflake Princess: Look, Baby Shark!  Look at the pink cheese house.  Let’s go look.

Baby Shark: Sure!

Tiger enters scene.

Tiger: Can I please come in too?

Shark Robot Alien enters scene.

Shark Robot Alien: I’m going to put my house next to yours! Let’s have a giant party!

(Rest of individuals with their houses.)

Scene 14: Magical Town

All characters present and having pretend (quiet) conversations.

Narrator:  After everyone gets settled in their homes in the magical garden, they all have a party with their favorite foods and activities to celebrate!

Party Ensues


Pre-k Play: Draft #3

After several discussions about the components of a good story,  the students decided they wanted to try writing a new script. You’ll notice in this draft that the plot is more recognizable and the students have attempted to create a problem that must be solved. While doing so, however, they completely forgot about adding dialogue. You’ll also notice that only about 3/4 of our class participated in this writing session. Some students were absent while others chose to just watch.

It is clear that the students are beginning to understand how to craft a story that will entertain the masses! Enjoy!
Story #1
H.P. – Red Power Ranger
J.J. – Iron Man
O.M. – a Silver Power Ranger
E.S. – Ice Man
The president has been captured by a bunch of ogres. The power rangers use their phones to get into their suits.
Ice Man makes a stair way up to the castle, and Silver power ranger walks up the stair case. Iron Man flies up to the castle where the president is. The door is locked. Ogres can go through the walls so they don’t need to use doors.
The red power ranger runs to the castle and jumps to the roof and breaks it. The silver power ranger knocks down the walls.
All make it inside but are surrounded by ogres. Ice man freezes the ogres. They have to find the key to open the door where the president is being held captive. They found the key hanging on the wall. They get the president and the silver power ranger uses his jet pack to fly. The cubes melts and the ogres start come after them. The ogres get too dizzy and fall down because they were watching the silver power ranger fly through the sky with the president.
They all escaped and the president was unharmed!
The End.
Story #2
The president and a princess are in jail together because someone tricked him so they could be president.
A.R. – a baby
A.H. – the Princess
S.M. – a pet cheetah
O.A. – A knight
T.O. – a blue Samari power ranger
The baby is sad because her sister is in jail. The blue ranger was flying in the air past the jail and he sees the president and the princess inside. The pet cheetah was with blue ranger and he could smell the president was in jail. The knight was walking past the jail and found a hole which he looked into and saw the president.
The princess is trying to reach the key but she cant get it. The baby follows the princess everywhere so when she taken, the baby followed too but no one locked her up. The baby saw a hammer for the princess to use but since she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t tell her what she found.
The blue ranger tries to fly up to get the key but the megazord was too big so you couldn’t get it. The cheetah tells the blue ranger to help them.
The knight slices into the jail but the witch that tricked the president was chasing the knight. The knight puts a heavy hammer on the witch’s toe and then she can’t move, which leaves the knight to try and open the jail door. The witch was stronger than anyone so the witch kicked the hammer off  the blue ranger used his bow and arrow that has water and fire at the same time and puts it on the witch.
The baby sees the hammer and uses the hammer to knock on the jail bars but the princess still can’t hear her.
The princess tries to climb the wall to get out but it was too high so she had to hang there. The cheetah find keys because he was so fast he ran up the wall and finds the key and saves the princess. The princess jumps up and downs and the baby hugs her.
The knight bakes a cake at their house for the princess to celebrate that she is home. And everyone was really happy.
The End.

“Fairies at Night”

012314_2333Inspired by Caralyn Buehner’s book, “Snowmen at Night,” one of our students created her own version. As she read her story, I began to wonder if this tale might act as a bond between the many fractured tales we currently have occurring in our class play. I decided to bring in my own copy of the original book and read it to the class again. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the children were as inspired as I was.

May 17 Save the Date!

20130314_8431Save the Date!

May 17, 2013

10:00 a.m.

The Pre-K Performance

Working Title: Children’s Literature Unbound

The Pre-K Performance this year is going native. We are putting the script writing*, prop collection, costume design, and set construction in the children’s hands.  Following many years of successful teacher created, directed, and designed plays, we began to reflect on the purpose of putting on a show.  We decided that there were certain lessons that we wanted our students to get from such a project.  Some of these included performing for a group, taking pride in a performance, problem solving as issues arise, and persistence in complicated tasks.  We also wanted them to have an opportunity to express themselves, take responsibility for their own performance, and practice editing a story.  We decided that they could get all of these opportunities by making their very own play.

The children are currently working on a recreation of the popular children’s story, “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”    We are working on a few ideas regarding the sharing of this story with our families.  We’ll let you know the plan as soon as we have all arranged.  However, please know that you are invited to arrive at WTN  at 9:45 on May 17th to see our thespians perform at 10:00.  The show will be followed by a reception in the library.  Afterwards, your child may either go home with you or stay for the rest of the day.

*Curious about the script? We’ll be posting some of the previous drafts soon!