It’s the little things….

Keep Your Thumb UpWe covered lots of ground today.  Our conversations ranged from favorite colors to scissors to how to use glue.  Ask your children how to safely carry scissors when they are walking.  They might even remember the words to our cutting song (sung to the tune of London Bridges);

Keep your thumb up when you cut,

When you cut,

When you cut.

Keep your thumb up when you cut,

Cut with scissors.

As we slowly introduce each of the tools available in Pre-K, the children become comfortable with procedures for use and clean up.  Thank you for your patience as the first six weeks of school seem to be centered on the minutia of classroom routines.  Using techniques emphasized in Responsive Classroom all of the teachers at Winchester Thurston recognize the importance of beginning the year with strong, visible expectations that can be modeled and practiced.  The up-front investment in time creates a more smoothly running classroom as we dive more thoroughly into projects and curriculum later.