Questions from the heart

As many of you have noticed, our students have been challenged each morning with answering various questions about the human body for our Morning Message. These questions were created and answered by the students. So far, the questions have mostly revolved around our hearts, blood, and veins. Once the children have a chance to use their prior knowledge to take a guess, we spend some time doing research to hopefully find the answer to their inquiries. Yesterday, we had the students write in their journals about one thing they had learned about our bodies this week.

Side note: take a look at that amazing kid-writing!

Panda Ponderings

With our students’ growing interest in all things panda, we spent the morning finding out what questions they had about pandas and what they would like to learn. Their questions are as follows:

Where do they live?

What do they eat?

Where do they eat?

How do pandas eat?

What do they do?

How do they play?

How far can they hear?

How do panda babies grow?

How do panda greet each other?

How do panda take care of their babies?

Do pandas kiss?

What do baby pandas do?

Where do panda sleep?

How old do they get?


The next step in our quest for knowledge is for our students to figure out where we can find information so that we can answer these very thoughtful questions.