Climb Aboard!

Our new playground is open! The children in each grade level are helping us experiment with the equipment as we discover its “climb-ability.”


The Lure of Technology

Even outside, tech is on the little ones’ minds.  All these natural surroundings and we have to invent electronics.  Here we have two friends working on the computer they built in the play house.

Quote of the day yesterday:

“Mrs. Forst, can you help me? I’ve got some nature in my hat.”


A Playground for Bugs?

During play this morning, a visitor was spotted amongst our blocks.  A ubiquitous stink bug was found traipsing across the carpet.  Here was the conversation:

A: Aaaaaa….a stink bug!

G: [incoherent strangling and screaming sounds]

M: Don’t step on it! It will stink!

Mrs. F: Don’t worry, he can’t hurt you.  His mouth is too little and he doesn’t have a stinger.

A: He likes my ice skate. [an upturned rainbow shaped block]  It’s like a playground.

Mrs. F: You could build him a playground if you’d like.

All: Yeah! Yea! That will be cool!

They then proceeded to create a symmetrical structure for the bug to crawl on.  Our curious visitor did just that.  He climbed up, down, and all around that building!  Never once did he attempt to fly away or walk on the ground. [Maybe his feet preferred the texture of wood to the texture of carpet???]

Some of the children wanted to hold the stink bug, others just wanted to look.  By the time we cleaned up for the next activity, even our little screamer had happily held our creepy new friend.