Pre-k Play: Draft #3

After several discussions about the components of a good story,  the students decided they wanted to try writing a new script. You’ll notice in this draft that the plot is more recognizable and the students have attempted to create a problem that must be solved. While doing so, however, they completely forgot about adding dialogue. You’ll also notice that only about 3/4 of our class participated in this writing session. Some students were absent while others chose to just watch.

It is clear that the students are beginning to understand how to craft a story that will entertain the masses! Enjoy!
Story #1
H.P. – Red Power Ranger
J.J. – Iron Man
O.M. – a Silver Power Ranger
E.S. – Ice Man
The president has been captured by a bunch of ogres. The power rangers use their phones to get into their suits.
Ice Man makes a stair way up to the castle, and Silver power ranger walks up the stair case. Iron Man flies up to the castle where the president is. The door is locked. Ogres can go through the walls so they don’t need to use doors.
The red power ranger runs to the castle and jumps to the roof and breaks it. The silver power ranger knocks down the walls.
All make it inside but are surrounded by ogres. Ice man freezes the ogres. They have to find the key to open the door where the president is being held captive. They found the key hanging on the wall. They get the president and the silver power ranger uses his jet pack to fly. The cubes melts and the ogres start come after them. The ogres get too dizzy and fall down because they were watching the silver power ranger fly through the sky with the president.
They all escaped and the president was unharmed!
The End.
Story #2
The president and a princess are in jail together because someone tricked him so they could be president.
A.R. – a baby
A.H. – the Princess
S.M. – a pet cheetah
O.A. – A knight
T.O. – a blue Samari power ranger
The baby is sad because her sister is in jail. The blue ranger was flying in the air past the jail and he sees the president and the princess inside. The pet cheetah was with blue ranger and he could smell the president was in jail. The knight was walking past the jail and found a hole which he looked into and saw the president.
The princess is trying to reach the key but she cant get it. The baby follows the princess everywhere so when she taken, the baby followed too but no one locked her up. The baby saw a hammer for the princess to use but since she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t tell her what she found.
The blue ranger tries to fly up to get the key but the megazord was too big so you couldn’t get it. The cheetah tells the blue ranger to help them.
The knight slices into the jail but the witch that tricked the president was chasing the knight. The knight puts a heavy hammer on the witch’s toe and then she can’t move, which leaves the knight to try and open the jail door. The witch was stronger than anyone so the witch kicked the hammer off  the blue ranger used his bow and arrow that has water and fire at the same time and puts it on the witch.
The baby sees the hammer and uses the hammer to knock on the jail bars but the princess still can’t hear her.
The princess tries to climb the wall to get out but it was too high so she had to hang there. The cheetah find keys because he was so fast he ran up the wall and finds the key and saves the princess. The princess jumps up and downs and the baby hugs her.
The knight bakes a cake at their house for the princess to celebrate that she is home. And everyone was really happy.
The End.