Pets Unlimited.

Our study of pets could only end one way.  You knew it was coming.  Last week we piled into the vans and headed off to the Seahorse to check out how a real pet store works and peruse their wares.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Heather, who had kindly opened the doors to us one hour before the store opened for the public.  As she took us on a viewing tour of the animals, she explained the jobs many of the workers were doing to prepare for the day.  Birds were being fed, cages cleaned, and puppy toenails were being clipped. We saw chinchillas and lizards, parakeets and leopard geckos.

The most beautiful  was certainly the saltwater aquarium portion.  The children spent many minutes peering into the tanks, searching for living treasures.  Although it was exciting to see the clown fish, everyone’s favorite movie fish, it was the lion fish that held their attention rapt.  We also found starfish, crabs, and an octopus.

The Lion Fish has spots and is poisonous.
Inspecting a sea urchin.

During our visit, at least one child was brave enough to hold a bearded dragon.  Many others felt its skin and then followed up with a generous amount of hand sanitizer.

The next stop was the freshwater fish, but we got a wee bit distracted on the way.  One of the workers was clipping a puppy’s toenails as we walked past.  Pandemonium reigned.

(In case you are wondering, we came home with five pets: two fish, two newts, and a millipede.  Creatures that hopefully I can handle.)