Loose Parts

I recently added some foam corners, left over from packaging, to the construction zone.  I thought they might make for an interesting addition to buildings.  As is usually the case, the children had much grander plans.  Requesting something to stick into the foam, I provided them with craft sticks.  Delighted, I watched as they proceeded to impale the sticks into the sides, using them to attach pieces together.  Many creations came from these experiments, yet somehow I only managed to capture this one on film.


The child who made this eagerly explained his design and wished to display it in the class.  He then wrote a label so anyone visiting would understand his sculpture.


“It’s in the mailbox!”

That was the sentence that inspired a creative endeavor today.  One of the children had drawn a picture.  When I asked her where it went, she said, “It’s in the mailbox!”  Hmm….I don’t currently have a mailbox in our room.  I mentioned this discrepancy and she suggested that we could make one.

Pull out the boxes.  Put out the paint. Find a smock and get ready to create.


The following conversations took place while the children painted:

Mrs. Forst:  What do you do with a mailbox?

“Mail can come in it from the mail truck.”

“Then when you come in from your car, you’ll get some mail.”

Mrs. Forst:  What is mail?

“Mail is some kinda mail.”

“You have to put something in it, like a person.”

“Mail is paper.  It has like pictures and stuff.”

Mrs. Forst:  Where does the mail truck come from?

“That’s too hard.”


Mrs. Forst: How do they get the mail in the truck?

“They open the back and the mail guy puts the mail in.”

Oh, yeah. I forgot that our wee ones are so literal.