What is love?

A question that is pondered by many, but the answer is never quite as entertaining as those from a Pre-K student. Today, during morning meeting, the students were asked this question along with, “How can you show someone that you love them?”.  These were their answers…

What is love?

It’s that you like them.

That you care about them.

That you make sure that you take care of them and you never try to hurt them.

It’s someone that you care about.

You smooch them and hug them.

It means that you care about the person.

How do you show someone that you love them?

Sometimes you sit on their backs while they do push ups.

You give a big hug.

You can play together.

You take care of her.

You respect them. Respect means that you show them that you love them.


Happy Valentines Day!!!