Who made these? (part 2)

On the path of the great vehicle mystery, we encountered even more tracks. Some, we identified quickly as deer.

Others we weren’t quite sure of.

We are going to investigate these prints further in the following weeks.

One child remarked, “Wow! This animal must have a lot of legs to have so many different foot prints!”

Do caterpillars have eyes?

Last week, a student quite thoughtfully inquired, “Do caterpillars have eyes?”.  The question seemed to spark the interest from the other students as well, so we decided to use the question for the morning message the next day. Most of the students said yes, while a few students were still skeptical. After tallying up our results, we asked the students how can we find out the answer to our question. Below, you will find their responses.

Now that we have some great ideas, we can get closer to answering our question. Let the investigation begin!



J.W. – caterpillars do have eyes
O.A. – by looking at them. we can hunt for them and then we can see if they have eyes or not
A.R. – we can look on the computer
T. – you could find a caterpillar outside on the playground and see if they have eyes
A.H. – we could look at them
J.J. – we could print a picture of them and see if they have eyes
A.J. – you could go camping and see if they have eyes and look for them
S.C. – if you can go in you garden and then look in their faces and see if they have eyes and then take a picture
E. – we can search for them
S.B. – we can go to the library and we can tell Mrs Bednar to give us each a book about caterpillars and we can read about them
O.M. – if you get a book about caterpillars you can see if they have eyes
D. – we can find a book in the library on library day
S.M. – we could go on a field trip to a caterpillar’s home
E. – we could go on a field trip to a caterpillar museum
O.A. – we could make a house for a caterpillar and then peek in to see if they have eyes