Questions from the heart

As many of you have noticed, our students have been challenged each morning with answering various questions about the human body for our Morning Message. These questions were created and answered by the students. So far, the questions have mostly revolved around our hearts, blood, and veins. Once the children have a chance to use their prior knowledge to take a guess, we spend some time doing research to hopefully find the answer to their inquiries. Yesterday, we had the students write in their journals about one thing they had learned about our bodies this week.

Side note: take a look at that amazing kid-writing!

The Stuff We’re Made Of

Our latest foray into the realm of research takes us on a journey into ourselves. We noticed lots of discussions surrounding lungs, breathing and hearts recently and decided to find out what our children already know about their miraculous machines.

“What do you know about the human body?”

  • Your eyelashes can blink. -CS
  • Heart pumps the blood.- AH
  • Lungs help you breath.- RF
  • Sometimes blood comes out of your body.-MH
  • Blood can come out of your finger.-KV
  • Your brain helps you think.-AG
  • Sometimes when you get hurt blood comes out and sometimes blood stays in.-KH
  • The heart beats.-NP
  • You can think with your brain.-LZ
  • The human body has legs and bones.-WS
  • Your food goes in the human body.-SS
  • Your trachea is made of rings and your esophagus pumps food into your belly in 3 seconds.-ZW
  • Blood goes through your veins and drops off oxygen, but sometimes it’s not working and you have to go to the doctor’s.-LW

The Human Body Unit

After much voting, the students have decided that our next unit of study should be about the human body. For the morning message, we asked the students what they would like to learn about the body and their responses were quite profound.

A.J. – What is the color in your eyes?

O.A. – How does the heart work?

S.M. – How does your brain make you talk?

A.H. – How do you get hair?

S.C. – When do babies come out of your belly?

S.B. – Why do ears hurt sometimes?

E.S. – What is blood for?

T.O. – Why are atoms in people’s bodies?

O.M. – Where is the heart?

H.P. – What does the esophagus do?

D.K. – What is the heart for?

J.W. – What does the heart do?

J.J. – How does the heart beat?

With so many thoughtful questions, we were provided with a multitude of subtopics to explore. The students seemed to be most interested in the heart, which was a great place to start. So far, the students have listened to their hearts using stethoscopes, learned that the heart pumps blood to the rest of our bodies, and looked into what hearts truly look like. We can’t wait to find out what we’ll learn next!