Campus Pride Day

Today’s all-school Morning Meeting was all about taking care of our campus. We love playing and learning here and sometimes we can help by taking some time to care for the grounds ourselves. Grade levels each had their own tasks to accomplish this morning. Some were in charge of removing any large rocks that had migrated to the grass and placing them back in their landscaping homes. Other grades donned safety gloves, scouring the woods and playgrounds for trash.

Pre-K’s job was to begin weeding the much overgrown Pumpkin Patch. Though we only uncovered a small swath of dirt, we worked hard pulling weeds until it was time to go inside for snack.

{This Moment}

Sometimes you are lucky enough to capture an image that exemplifies your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and feelings.  Inspired by Soule Mama, many bloggers across the web are posting their “perfect moments” for all to share.  This is an activity in peace and joy and needs no words to carry the beauty of the moment.