What is a friend?

Today we delve into a new topic, one that is in dire need of attention.  For the next few weeks, we are going to find out everything we can about friendship.  Katie and I have noticed that this class is especially concerned about how to make, keep, and treat friends.  What better way to find out than to research it together.  As usual, I have ideas about what direction this will take, but of course, the children’s questions will steer us as we go.

We opened today with the following, purposely vague question.  The children’s answers are included below.

What is a friend?

  • a friend that you did not know, they play with each other – O
  • a person – B
  • someone you play with – El
  • A friend is someone you meet and you like them so much and you play with them all day long – Cl
  • someone you play with and make snowmen with and throw snowballs – J
  • someone in my house – A
  • some you know and you love and you play a lot – K
  • that you swim with and sometimes you see on vacation – Ev
  • someone you can play with – R20130107_6713