Calling all Firefighters!

We are officially four weeks into the school year and the students are already interested in so many things! Some students are still searching for frogs and toads, while others have created their very own firehouse. The firehouse started inside the loft and quickly grew to anywhere a group of people could stand! The firefighters would check for their fire hats and gear before running to the various fires that erupted around the classroom. One child would sound the alarm, while the others would find all the tools they might need during the rescue.

Somehow, the baby dolls and I ended up being the victims, hidden somewhere deep inside the burning house awaiting some caring soul to rescue us. Thankfully, our rescuers were never far away and worked diligently to make sure everyone made it out safely. They even allowed us to live in the firehouse until we found a new place to live. And of course, what firehouse would be complete without a friendly Dalmatian?

Next time on “Calling all Firefighters”…

The firefighters make ice cream!