How do you feel?

Pre-kindergarten students can have a very hard time interpreting other people’s feelings.  In fact, sometimes figuring out their own feelings is a bit confusing. …. Who am I kidding? Even grown-ups have moments where they misinterpret a facial expression or react in a way that is contrary to their actual feelings.  One of our school wide goals is to encourage children’s propensity towards kindness and ability to think of a choice’s impact on others.

Meet our friend.  He/She doesn’t have a name. It doesn’t have a gender. We don’t even know if it is animal, vegetable or mineral, yet.  This friend is sometimes referred to as the Edushape Feelings Friend.  It’s facial features are velcroed in place and are easily interchangeable.  Extra pieces store in it’s “pocket.”

IMG_1167We introduced this friend today to help us practice understanding feelings, our own and others’.  Tomorrow, the children will begin the process of choosing a name for our friend.  We’re looking forward to joining him/her/it on many adventures.