Movie Draft #2

Below, you will find the second draft of our Pre-k movie. You’ll notice that the children decided to keep the same basic story line from the first draft and just make little changes along the way. Most children picked a new character and then had to decide how their new character fit into the existing story plot.

As always, please excuse any run on sentences, grammatical errors, or lack of dialogue as the students continue to polish their script.



Draft 2

N.M. – a fairy (Tinkerbell)

V.H. – Anna

Z.W. – Woody

R.M. – a doggie

A.H. – a kitty

Z.B. – a cat

P.M. – Buzz Lightyear

L.W. – Mickey Wizard

L.L. – Elsa

J.K. – Pokemon

Once upon a time Mickey Wizard found a cage and he looked in and he said, “Wow there’s a little dog. Hey you wanna play?” and they played together and he said, “I’m going to throw this football like a quarterback.” Woody plays football too and then he paints with his brother and then he calls the Buzz Lightyear to come over to have a big party and they all play with their family. Then they have a sleepover.

They heard Buzz Lightyear crying. He’s crying because his laser got stepped on. Now he has to go and get it fixed at the fixing store.  So Buzz goes to the store to fix his laser.

Just then, they see a princess named Anna. Mickey Wizard says, “Anna would you like to stay over”. Woody says, “ok, we have 60 beds for you sleep in”. And then cat comes and they invite her to stay. They tell her that there are 60 beds for her to stay in. Just then, Buzz lightyear comes back from the store he’s feeling happy because his laser is fixed.

“Hello Buzz,” they say. They tell him that there are 60 beds and he can stay in Woody and Mickey Wizard’s room.

The cat sees Elsa who is walking next to her kitty and everyone invites them to stay for the sleepover. Everyone gets tired and they all go to sleep.

The next day everyone wakes up and they decided to go outside and play. When they get outside they find a fairy. Buzz lightyear says, “I think I know this fairy”. The fairy says, “Hi, my name is Tinkerbell. I don’t think we’ve met before.”

He says, “Hi. My name is Buzz lightyear” and they shake hands. The pokemon enters. He jumps over the cat. The cat doesn’t like it. The cat says, “meow, meow, meow” in an angry voice. Just then, everyone realizes that the animals have gone missing. They all say “Oh no, where are our pets??” They all start look everywhere. They look behind trees and rocks but they can’t find them.

The pets get taken by a monster. The fairy finds the animals by flying around. She finds them in a cage and she uses a magic key to free them from the cage. Everyone brings back the animals to the house but the animals are really tired and so they sleep. But the monster comes back to get them! The monster wants to turn the animals bad so he can destroy everyone. The animals run away from the monster. The monster looks for the animals and finds them but they escape from through the window and run back home.

They find out the monster is just hungry and so the friends give him lots of food from the refrigerator and monster feels good! Everyone invites the monster to stay for the whole day and everyone says, “YAY!”