Environmental Stewardship

While reading about and discussing animal migration, we discovered that some species are forced to migrate due to changing environmental factors. Walruses must move their families as temperatures rise around the globe causing their needed ice flows to melt.  The children were deeply concerned about this.  One child explained that this occurs due to global warming.  He shared that people all over the world are using gas and making smoke that goes up into the air and makes the temperatures go up.  Another child mentioned that sometimes there is trash in the water, as well.

This conversation inspired the children to invent some very creative machines to help clean-up the Earth.

Day of Gratitude

Today, we celebrated our Day of Gratitude at the North Hills Campus at WT by doing some spring cleaning around the campus. Each grade worked on different projects to show their appreciation of wonderful seven acres of land that we are lucky enough to have at our disposable each day. The Pre-K class worked to move all of the sticks away from the pathways on the Bear Track Trail and then they covered it with a fresh layer of hay. The students had to use teamwork to pull the hay apart and cover as much of the trail as we possibly could. We discussed how it is important to take care of our school and the environment so that we can continue to play and learn in the nature that is around us.