Ever thought about writing a children’s book?  Do you have a few ideas collecting dust bunnies in your skull?  Set them free!  November is Picture Book Idea Month.  Next month we can run wild with our wacky ideas and write with abandon.  (Go ahead, try to make your brain stop acting goofy.)

A few of us here are joining the challenge.  We are so excited that we thought it would be nice to share the opportunity with you.  You can find out more at Tara Lazar’s Writing for Kids blog.

The short and sweet:

  • Register on Tara’s Page between Oct. 25 – Nov. 4 to be eligible for prizes. (OPTIONAL)
  • Find some sort of journal.
  • Write down at least one picture book idea/thought/concept/ah-ha everyday for 30 days.
  • After 30 days, check back at Writing for Kids to mark that you have completed the challenge (OPTIONAL)

That’s it. Easy, isn’t it?

Writing for Kids will be hosting a large number of children’s book authors/illustrators as guest bloggers throughout the challenge month. If you are interested in learning more about writing/publishing your own book, check them out.

Tara makes it very clear on her website that your journal is not anybody else’s business. No one is going to ask to see your ideas. No one will be checking your progress. We will certainly not be giving out our ideas on the website for the world to steal. (um…borrow) This plunge into creative territory is just a fun way to encourage an open faucet of ideas.

For more details, please peruse Tara’s site. She has all of the current information as well as collections from past PiBoIdMo challenges.