The Science Lab

One of our centers had a makeover recently.  Due to the sharing of nature collections from both at school and at home, the children have created what they call “The Science Lab.”  We have ample acorns, plentiful pinecones, noodle-like nests, and one slightly dead, but way cool, cicada.  The children have created their own experiments involving buoyancy, auditory tones, and habitats.  Collections are also a great way to practice our math skills.

Beginning the Ball Study

Our newest research topic is bouncy and buoyant. It rumbles and rolls. The shapes and sizes astound!  The children want to learn more about:


Before break, a basket of random bouncy objects was discovered on one of our shelves.  Before we knew it, the balls had made their way into every section of the room.  There were balls in the kitchen, balls in the art area, balls rolling down planks, balls sliding down steps.  It was obvious which direction our next study would take.

We’ve only begun to explore the properties of balls this week.  Below is a cross-section of a few children plying their sorting skills on the spherical objects.  Later we’ll post a short video highlighting one of the new games they’ve invented.