Halloween O’Rama!

What a day we had yesterday! So much to do and see!

Our first special of the day was transformed into “The Haunted Art Show” by Mrs. Allan and Mr. Cooper.  (Don’t worry, Moms and Dads and Grandmas! I went over and checked it out first to test the “fear factor”.)  In honor of this month of creepiness, the children in all of the grades have been drawing skeletons in art class.  For yesterday’s festivities, the hallway displaying these bony masterpieces was lit with a black light and lined with silly riddles.

In the multipurpose room, there were three stations set up along the ooey-gooey body parts theme.  The children worked with their fourth grade buddies to find items and answer questions found in a scavenger hunt brochure.  One table held books from the library about our brain, the hearts, and the workings of our skeletal system.  Another area housed a spooky set of feely boxes.  The children wore rubber gloves, blindly felt the contents of the boxes, and had to decide whether they thought the box contained teeth (dry pasta shells), arteries (cooked spaghetti), a heart (some sort of meat???? [I’m guessing here.]), or eyeballs (the ubiquitous grape).  The groups were also sent on a hunt for hidden band-aids placed throughout the entire viewing area.  Fun was had by all and happily there were no tears once everyone realized that it really wasn’t that spooky, after all.

After our lunch, we began to prepare for our long-awaited party.  Mrs. Pless and I (along with a few room parents) quickly dressed all 14 children.  Some we may have invented new costume arrangements for, but all were happy to be dressed either way.  Our room parents quickly and adeptly transformed our room while we put the final touches on wardrobe changes.  Four activities occurred simultaneously for the next 45 minutes.  At table number one, children created their own Spooky Halloween sticker design and picture.  A second area boasted a large pumpkin pinata.  The third activity tested our throwing (and aiming!) skills as we tossed rings onto two witch hats.  The final frenetic center involved mummifying our friends via bath tissue.

Once all of the children had completed all of the above and eaten their fill of yummy home-made snacks, we set off for the parade.  On the way, we saw the costumes of all of the WTN children.  Though it could have been a very hectic day, the children were amazingly patient and relaxed even in their excitement.  Hopefully, all of you had wonderful evenings as well!