A Peek Outside (and in)

Here is a peek at what has been going on outside WTN lately.



We’ve seen:

  • persistence
  • cooperation
  • innovation
  • independent play
  • the scientific method
  • self-regulation
  • problem solving
  • attribute sorting
  • careful observation of classmates and nature
  • social and physical experiments
  • coordination of motor tasks
  • kindness
  • humor
  • compassion

All of these life enriching skills were practiced outside while engaging in student-driven play.

A little while ago, we had a very special visitor to help us in our quest to understand ornithology.  Meet Rainbow Dash, a parakeet who loves to sing, flits happily around in his cage and was a lovely friend to spend time with.  While observing Mr. Dash, the children noticed that he enjoyed hopping from branch to branch and didn’t really fly much inside his home.  Although the children were a bit disappointed, they took it rather well when we informed them that, no, he was not going to have a chance to fly around the room.

Mud and Volcanos

Good Afternoon, Everybody!
I just wanted to send out a bit of an explanation concerning the state of your children’s clothes.  At recess today many were exploring the power of gravity, water, and the beauty of mud.  The photos below contain an image of a volcano with running lava, a view of our lovely gloves, and a nicely formed rectangular pit.  Great fun was had by all, but sadly, a trip to the washing machine will be in store for much of our outer-wear.

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A Pre-K Pet?

Below is a list of possible pets that the Pre-K students came up with today.  We announced the possibility of getting a pet this week and thought that it would be best if the children were invested in said creature.  As you can see, we have some discussions in front of us.  We would love to hear what you have to say about this question as well.  Please vote and let us know which animal YOU think is the best for our classroom.

Quote of the Day

“If we all sang different songs at the same time, that would be a LOUD cacophony!”
-a five-year-old

Robolox and the Three Bots

Yesterday, we began a discussion about robots.  We were so inspired, we decided to remake a popular story as a “new-and-improved” robot version.  Here’s what we came up with:

Robolox and the Three Bots

"The Whole Bot Family"

Once upon a time there were three bots, Papa Bot, Mama Bot, and Baby Bot.  One morning, Mama Bot made metal sandwiches for breakfast, but they were too hot to eat, so the family went for a walk.  While they were gone, Robolox knocked on their door.  When no one answered, Robolox went inside.

Robolox saw three sandwiches sitting on the table and thought about how hungry she was.   First, she tried Papa Bot’s sandwich, but it was too crunchy.  Then, she tried Mama Bot’s sandwich, but it was too oily.  Next, she tried Baby Bot’s sandwich and it was just right.  She ate it all up!

When she’d finished, Robolox began to wander around the house.  As she arrived in the living room, she saw three charging stations.  First, she tried Papa Bot’s charger, but it was too buzzy.  Then, she tried Mama Bot’s charger, but it was too strong.  Next, she tried Baby Bot’s charger and it was just right.  She played and played and played in the charger until it sparked and fell apart.

"The part where Robolox went into the Baby Bot's bed closet."

Feeling rather tired after this episode, Robolox climbed the stairs to find the sleeping chambers.  She found three closets with beds inside them.  First, she tried Papa Bot’s closet, but it was too big.  Then, she tried Mama Bot’s closet, but it was too narrow.  Next, she tried Baby Bot’s closet and it was just right.  She stepped inside and powered down right away.

While Robolox dozed upstairs, the three Bots returned home.  Papa Bot said, “Somebody’s been eating MY sandwich!”  Mama Bot said, “Somebody’s been eating MY sandwich!” And Baby Bot said, “Somebody’s been eating MY sandwich and it’s all gone! Boo hoo beep beep!”  Then they went to check on the living room.

Papa Bot said, “Somebody’s been using MY charger!”  Mama Bot said, “Somebody’s been using MY charger!” And Baby Bot said, “Somebody’s been using MY charger and it’s  been broken into bits! Boo hoo beep beep!”  After giving Baby Bot many hugs and figuring out how to fix his charger, the three Bots went upstairs.

"Robolox jumped out of the closet and the window and she runned away and she runned away and she runned away."

Papa Bot said, “Somebody’s been sleeping in MY closet!”  Mama Bot said, “Somebody’s been sleeping in MY closet!” And Baby Bot said, “Somebody’s been sleeping in MY closet and she’s still there!” All of a sudden, Robolox woke up and saw the three Bots.  She yelled, “Aaaaaahhhhhhh!”, jumped out of Baby Bot’s closet and leapt out of the window.  Robolox ran far, far away and was never seen near the Bot house ever again.  The End.

Really? You don’t say?

One of the children just walked up to me and said,

Student:  “Did you know that some humans have  four legs?”

Me: “Did you say a person with four legs?”

Student: “Yes, they sometimes have four legs.”

Me: “Really? I’ve never met a person with four legs.”

Student: “Yes, when people get really, really old, they sometimes grow more legs.”

Me: “I didn’t know that.  Are you sure?”

Student: “Oh yes, my Grandfather is really old and he grew two more legs.  He has four now.”

Aren’t the imaginations of four-year-olds intriguing?