A New Year of Wonder

We are almost two weeks into our latest adventure at WT North Pre-K. This class of small scientists has been flowing right into the new routines. We’ve been slowly introducing materials and tools, allowing the children to become comfortable with the use and care of each before adding something new. As they play in this novel setting, we’ve had many opportunities to observe and wonder along with them.

A wandering spider

Open exploration of loose parts

Chalk on the outside

Ramps and cars

Water table science

3 thoughts on “A New Year of Wonder

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    To teachers everywhere – here is what an excellent school looks like. This is how four-year-olds learn best. Hands on, opened ended activities, time to problem solve, independent thinking, emergent curriculum. I love this school!

  2. I admire the way you encourage the children to explore and experiment and to discover their natural creative impulses. In my day those impulses were suppressed and had to be overcome in order to develop as a creative artist. The children in your class have a head start as independent thinkers and the world will be a better place as a result!

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